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An Introduction to a Visualization Nerd

Andrew Delgado - December 5, 2020 - 0 comments

For as long as I can remember technology has always been at my core. By nature I love to learn, problem solve and challenge the status quo. Bringing together my architectural background with technology was a no brainer for me starting off back in college. I quickly grew into loving 3D and all the possibilities it had to offer. Manipulating volumes, textures, lighting and make the world you are creating come to life always enthralls me. Although the output is still relatively a ‘2D’ format, being able to get in there and create the worlds and environments of a project or whatever I am working on has always kept me excited. How fast could I get it done? How more real could I make this next render be?

I always strive to stay on top and keep learning and refining my methods of work with new tricks and tools of the trade. It’s again just who I am by nature but to be lucky to put that and do what I love for a living is not something I take for granted. With the deeper understanding of what it is you are designing is a goal I always look to achieve in my work. How does visualization help me- the designer- the client understand better what we are trying to convey? Ultimately its a form of communication, and just as we as humans has evolved so too has our ways communication. Visualization is evolving, we are no longer stuck in the ‘2D’ with the entrance of Virtual and Augmented reality becoming more and more accessible to everyone. Not just the developers and people working with the tools but also it is becoming more accessible to be used as a way to communicate. And for me, this has been incredibly powerful experience in designing.

I am so looking forward to the future of architecture and how visualization can help this industry thrive in the coming years. Demands for efficiencies and decision making is only going to grow as companies become more cut throat. And I stand at the ready in order to meet those challenges.

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